User manual for the Overskudd app


Downloading the App:

From your Android device or from the browser go to the Google Play store and search for “Overskudd”, then follow the instruction to download the application from Google Play Store. Or you could follow this link.

Updates to the Android version will be done as a with regular Android applications, trough the Google Play Store.
NB! It is recommended to stop ongoing measurements before installing updates.

On your device go to the App store and search for “Overskudd”, the follow the instructions to download the application from Apple App Store. Or you could follow this link.

Updates to the iOS version will be done as with other iOS applications, trough Apple App Store.
NB! It is recommended to stop ongoing measurements before installing updates.

Register your sensor

All sensors have a number, for example, number 1053 in the illustration below.


Before you start a measurement you must register your sensor with your Overskudd account ( etc).

Go to "Account" (upper right corner), chose "Sensor" and write the number on the sensor you have been given.

select sensor.PNG

Before you pass on the sensor to the next user, please go to "Account" - "Sensor" again and delete your sensors number so that it is available for the next user to register on their account.

Conversely, if you can’t register your sensor because it tells you your number is already in use, please contact the person who gave you the sensor and tell them to delete it from their account.

Attaching the sensor to your body


The sensor is placed as shown on the picture below. The electrodes are to be placed in the blue area, the electrode with the sensor at your upper right side, the other electrode at your lower left side.

Please keep the sensor attached at all times during the day, also when you sleep. The equipment can take light moisture like sweat, but must not be worn when you take a bath or shower. When you take a shower/bath, please detach the electrodes from your body, leave the equipment by your phone and start a download. When you are done with the bath, please change the electrodes and place on the body again.

The sensor is highly sensitive and needs good contact with the body to function properly. Movement of the cable, hair or body lotion directly beneath the electrodes will affect the data quality. We therefore suggest that you:

  • Sleep with a t-shirt or other clothing to keep you from moving the cable and electrodes during sleep as this can degrade the quality of the measurement.

  • Remove hair. If there is hair between the center of the electrode and the skin the signals will be weaker resulting in bad quality of data. Therefore we recommend to shave the area where the electrodes should be placed. This also reduces the pain when removing the electrode.

  • Do not use creams or lotions on the skin where the electrodes should be placed as this reduces the signal quality and the electrodes ability to adhere to the skin.

How to start a recording

Start the Overskudd app. If you need to log in, the username and password are the same that you use for your Overskudd account (, etc.)

The first time you run the app you must help it to find your sensor. Click on the Connect button. Select your assigned sensor from the list that appears, then go back to the home screen. (The list will automatically search for the sensor)

Press “Start Measurement”.


Important: The app must be left open until it is finished connecting, so don’t close until you see the the “Save and continue” and “save and stop” buttons

Every time you start a measurement the sensor will emit a blinking red light for 30 seconds.

The first time you are measuring you should let it measure for 10-15 min before doing the first upload to make sure everything is working correctly.

Downloading data

Open the app and press the Save and Continue button.

Important: The app must be left open until it is has downloaded the existing data.

Please download data on a regular basis. You should download at least three times every day since the sensor starts overwriting the oldest data after 12 hours. By downloading often you can make sure that everything is working nicely, and you won’t lose any data. You cannot download too often!


When you take a shower or bath take of the sensor and electrodes, and do an upload. Use a new set of electrodes when attaching the sensor afterwards. The electrodes are one time use only.

Where can you find your data

You can find your measurements at your Overskudd account at the web page (, etc.)

The same username and password are used both for the webpage and in the app.

How to stop a recording


When you want to stop recording, please open the app, press "Save and Stop", wait until it is finished and the recording is stopped.

If you are done with the sensor and handing it back or passing it on to another user then please go to "Account" - "Sensor at you Overskudd account at (, etc) and delete the sensor number from your account so that others can use it.


Changing the battery:

From time to time it is necessary to change the battery of the device. The battery status can be seen below the sensor serial number in the main display.

It is difficult to measure exactly how much battery is left, we recommend getting a new battery if the battery percentage drops below 100%, when it does the sensor has about one week left of its battery.

To change the battery remove the sensor from the sensor holder, open the battery cover with a coin, replace the battery, firmly close the battery cover and lastly put the sensor back in the holder.


Chest strap:

Under heavy exercise, the electrodes have a tendency to loosen due to perspiration. In these cases, a chest strap can be used instead of the electrodes. Remove the sensor from the plate connecting it to the electrodes and wire assembly ( as when changing the battery) then insert it in the chest strap.


Upgrading sensor firmware:

To improve the features of the sensor we will sometimes release new firmware versions for the sensor.
To upgrade the sensor firmware stop any ongoing measurement and navigate to the settings page, then select “configure sensor” from the settings page (this option will only be available if you have selected a sensor). The application will first search for your device before you can update the firmware by pressing the “update firmware” button. This process can take quite some time (5-10 min) so be patient. While the firmware upgrade is ongoing the red status led on the sensor will be lit.
Once the firmware upgrade is done you can start a new measurement.